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Our History

Surp Pırgiç Armenian is founded with the attempts and supports of leading congregants of the period, under the leadership of Kazaz Artin Amira Bezciyan.

The hospital, founded with the royal decree of Ottoman Sultan Royal Highness Mahmut II in 1832, began to provide service upon completing the construction and hardware works at May 31th, 1834.

Our hospital is an establishment which have managed to overcome financial and administrative problems and continued to provide its services until today without pause. Credibility and social responsibility have come into focus as the main principles leading the Hospital works during this whole time.

Meticulously abiding by the foundation purposes during almost two centuries, not getting away from the understanding of respecting people and providing service and making a great effort to preserve the ethical values, our hospital has also been closely following the technological advancements. Today, Surp Pırgiç is a modern hospital, preserving its historical texture as well as applying the most modern diagnosis and treatment methods, with a service understanding respectful to the environment and innovative.     

Surp Pırgiç is a hospital achieving to preserve its historical identity as well incorporating rapidly changing technological advancements. This is one of its distinctive features; advanced medical service and providing this service with social responsibility awareness developed at the same level. For that reason, the main objective of our hospital is to provide modern health services in the most economic conditions. Hospital employees, who have become integrated with their corporations and have a happy working environment, are the main guarantee of this objective.

With this understanding, our hospital is ready to embrace those who need it for 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year.


Yedikule Surp Pırgiç Armenian Hospital Foundation 

Administrative Board


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