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Women’s Branch

In 1860, the administration has founded the first women’s branch under the presidency of Asdvadzadur Cunt. Cunt, born and grew up in Europe and effected by European traditions, has witnessed the European women working as volunteers. Thus the first women’s branch is founded under the presidency of Ebruhi Yeramyan. He visited the hospital for the first time on December 24th 1860 and received the blessing of the Patriarch of the time. This group has operated until 1866. When Miss Yeremyan has moved to Paris, it affected the group and weakened them. The second women’s branch is founded 27 years after the first one is closed and it is founded on September 16th 1893. Since then, the women’s branch keeps their operations.

The women’s branch works with the same determination and effort from the beginning of their foundation until today. This strength comes from the willingness to be beneficial to the hospital, contribute to the daily needs of hospital and physical and sentimental needs of hospital residents.

Recently, the women’s branches are mostly consisted of 20 people. Everyday, 3-4 people from our branch are available at the hospital and help the hospital for each daily sentimental and physical need for our department for older people and mental clinic. The activities of the women’s branch are assessed in the meeting conducted each month on the 15th day. In this meeting, the previous activities are revised and new ones are planned.

In order to make the daily lives of hospital residents more colourful, cookout, trips, cherity sale, cultural and social activities are orhanized. All the expenses required for these organizations are covered with the donations of charitables.

Members of Blue Angels Women’s Branch

Aznif Toros - Chairman
Hasmig Zadur - Secretary
Hripsime Arıdağ - Teller
Azniv Yarıcıyan - Member
Fidan Örs - Member
Haygan Elmas - Member
Jaklin Gostanoğlu - Member
Janet Kirkoryan - Member
Karnik Maskalacı - Member
Kudret Dursun - Member
Luiz Elmasdağ - Member
Margrit Sahakyan - Member
Nartuhi Çarsancaklıoğlu - Member
Nıvart İşcan - Member
Öjeni Çitçiyan - Member
Yeranuhi Otoğlu - Member
Yerçanik Ünal - Member


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