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Occupational health and safety policy

The health service, offered in the wide range of the sector of Yedikule Surp Pırgiç Armenian Hospital, which this year celebrates its 180th year of anniversary, is maintained with the determination to remove any possible health risks of applicants, patients, relatives and employees.

Our hospital, with the occupational health and safety studies adopting the proactive approach and the experience gained during the long years of health service, undertakes to constantly enhance the occupational health and safety and reduce of any risk that may be caused during the health service providing process of all related parties.

Additionally, as in the case with health regulations and other legal legislations, our hospital has the determination to fully abide by the occupational health and safety legislation and directives and guidance of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health regarding the rules that should be followed during the health service and thereby decleares its commitment in the subject.

In order to prevent the accidents and occupational diseases that can be encountered while our employees perform their occupational responsibilities and duties, regular health checks, risk analyses and risk reducing precautions are applied and maintained in the systemic base among the all occupation groups and during the performance of these studies, data of our employees are received and the results are announced.

In order for our occupational health and safety policy specified in the frame above to be reachable by related parties, our hospital ensures that they are announced in Integrated Quality System, announced by hanging them on the Head Doctor’s office and it ensures that they are reviewed within certain intervals.



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