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Human Resources

Our hospital’s human resources policy is to integrate the objectives of the corporation and employees, ensure benefiting from the work force of the corporation as effective as possible and to reach organizational objectives by employing the most suitable candidates for the work.
As Surp Pırgiç Armenian Hospital, our aim is to employ the right people during our employment process. It is to assign the most suitable employees to the vacant cadres in the corporation by employing the candidates with suitable technical information and ability level in the defined positions.

The candidates to be employed are expected to esteem the corporational culture and values, be inclined to team works and to focus on patient satisfaction.

Surp Pırgiç Armenian Hospital employees are consisted of individuals who have adopted the team work principle and corporational culture and have high internal motivation.

As human resources; we
• Provide a safe and peaceful working environment
• Protect the rights of employees
• Provide education opportunities for the employees to develop themselves
• Make maximum contribution to the occupational and personal development of the employees with the trainings organized within and outside of the corporation.

Wage and additional opportunities;
• Wage: Monthly payments are made on planned monthly wage basis.
• Food: Lunch is offered to our hospital employees and for the employees working in shifts, breakfast and dinner is offered.
• Housing: Health care personnels coming to work in our hospital from another city are given to opportunity to live in our housing for free.

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