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Our integrated system policy

In 1832, with the permission of Sultan Mahmut II and efforts of Harutyun Amira Bezciyan, our hospital, which is founded with the aim of treating the diseases related to mind and chest, has closely followed the technological advancements until 2000’s and developed the health services it has been providing. Today, Surp Pırgiç is aware of the importance of health services for the society and thus it continues to provide diagnosis and treatment services in many medical branches, by being liable to an innovative understanding of service and respecting the environment, preserving the historical texture, applying the most modern diagnosis and treatment methods.
Our Hospital Administration, within the frame of Republic of Turkey laws, undertakes to provide advanced medical service with the similarly advanced awareness of social responsibility, to continuously increase the security and satisfaction of patients, patient relatives and employees, to take precautions to prevent all negative effects of the services on people, nature and animal health and to continuously enhance the “Quality, Occupational Health, Security and Environment Management System”.

Yedikule Surp Pırgiç Armenian Hospital, along with its Management Board, Head Doctor and all employees, has chosen the objective to continuously enhance the quality of offered health service, to prevent the service providers and takers from the risks of “Occupational Health and Safety”, to noninterruptedly maintain the activities of taking precaution, revision, implementation and planning regarding the preventation of any negative effects of offered services on environment.

In accordance with the strategies determined by our Management Board and Head Doctor, our corporation encourages the continious development and training of its employees with the purpose to ensure the continuity and constant echancement of “Quality, Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management System”. In our hospital, refular training programs are implemented and necessary sources are provided for the literature follow and scientific meetings.

Our Management Board and Head Doctor regularly review the compliance and efficiency of our Integrated Management System and assess the relection of our sectoral development on our corporation. Additionally, it uses the suggestions from the Ministry of Health, our patients, patient relatives and employees as a tool to determine the opportunities of development.

Yedikule Surp Pırgiç Armenian Hospital will continue to offer its helth services, which it has been maintaining for two centuries, in accordance with the necessities of modern medicine, with its belief in development and the participation of all the employees.



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