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Real Estate Brokerage

Surp Pırgiç Armenian Hospital Foundation Real Estate Brokerage is re-formed to operate in the period of 2009-2013.
The objective of our brokerage is to effectively assess the real estate belonging to Surp Pırgiç Armenian Hospital Foundation in order to support the Foundation Administration Board.

Our brokerage, shortly called as SPEKO, meets every week on Thursday, assess the works of the members which they are individually responsible of and they decide upon discussion.

Our main objective is to gain maximum income from our real estate during this work and we make effort to have minimum difficulty during the times when the challenging conditions are dominant.

Our brokerage produce various projects for the maintenance, repair, restoration and re-construction of our current real estate upon discussing with Forundation Executive Board and it continues to carry works for the completion of necessary legal procedures related to these projects.

Brokerage Members
Aram Yöndem - Vice Chairman
Harutyun İçliyürek - Vice Chairman
Kirkor İboalev - Accountant
Antranik Karakuş - Member
Aykun Coşkun - Member
Barkev Kalaycıoğlu - Member
Onnik Kurtyan - Member
Özcan Nişan - Member
Dalida Yontan - Member
Serkis Yiğiter - Member
Mıhitar Kazancı - Member
Selin Birgül - Member


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