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Data safety policy

In order for preserving the integrity of all kind of data for the support and maintenance of diagnosis and treatments of our patients, preserving these for periods in accordance with the legal legislations, preventing these from being shared with 3rd Parties besides the medical team which will conduct the diagnosis and treatment;

Necessary softwares and hardwares are determined,
Necessary sources are reserved for the uninterrupted supply of these softwares and hardwares,
What should be done in order to protect the patient daya is transferred to our employees with the trainings and their responsibilities are documented with work contracts,
In order to make a back-up all the data, necessary sub-structure is determined and those in charge are defined,
Any kind of access operations to our hospital data system (reading, changing, deleting, adding) are limited,
Patient files and data are only given to patients themselves, to those they have provided with written approval and to competent authorities in case of judiciary situations.

The three main principles of our hospital, regarding the data safety, are confidentiality, integrity and accessibility by authorities.



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