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Bedros Şirinoğlu Museum

Istanbul is a guest house freely hosting the people from different cultures together. On December 5th 2004 Sunday, a new colour is added to the historical and cultural texture of this beautiful guest house: "Bedros Şirinoğlu Museum."

Bedros Şirinoğlu Museum is the last circle completing the Surp Pırgiç Armenian Hospital Foundation, which is founded with the entrepreneurial spirit of Kazaz Artin Amira Bezciyan in 1832.In this big complex, belief, culture and social developments are engaged. The museum, opened in this complex attracting people in every way, is formed with the moral and material contributions of Bedros Şirinoğlu and it will be opened to the future generations as a living symbol of Armenian history and with the title of first Armenian museum opened in Turkey.

When you first tour the museum, you will come across the works, reflecting the interests and pleasures of Armenian people. You will see many works such as; hand-made daily usage objects, religional materials symbolizing the beliefs, the opening imperial orders of Surp Pırgiç Hospital given by the sultans and high ranking clergymen, yearbooks, endowment books, medical materials, documents, chinawares, bedazzling paintings… etc. When these works are examined you can follow the development chart of Armenian society from the Ottoman period until today, you can enter into their daily lives, you can see which statuses they have had in various periods and with which culture they have been affected.

Bedros Şirinoğlu Museum is a place where we try to somewhat show you visually about the Armenian culture and social life.


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